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Are you a Birth Doula or thinking about becoming one? Come join us for a monthly gathering to share experiences and knowledge in a safe and supportive atmosphere.
Doula CARE meetings are for Doulas ONLY

We thrive when we have community. Doulas are independent professionals, yet their service to the greater community thrives when they work together.
The Arizona Birth Network invites you to our Doula CARE meeting. Meet and mingle with other local doula birth professionals. Join us as we share our knowledge, experience and work to support doulas all over the valley.

Our intention is to create a space to ask questions, process, and receive peer support of challenging experiences. There may be invited speakers or meeting topics to help grow our doula community.

This is an in-person gathering. Please be prepared to honor the business’s requests as they pertain to the COVID-19 pandemic. Since we are gathering at a local small business and utilizing their space, please support their business by purchasing a bottle of water or a cup of coffee or tea at a minimum.

Babes in arms Welcome. We recognize that some doulas are working moms and as such if you cannot arrange for childcare we have intentionally chosen spaces where children are welcome and have space to play. Please consider if your children’s attendance will impact the intention to converse, support and on occasion hold space for each other as we process births, and plan to bring an activity, busy bag or quiet distraction for them accordingly

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